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About me

My work aims to advance understanding and modeling of ecosystem and soil resilience to land-use change and management, climate change, and altered disturbance regimes.

I like to plan, manage, and implement basic and applied science projects that combine experimental and observational data with advanced statistical analysis, machine learning, and synthesis tools.

I am broadly interested in linking my experience with carbon and nutrient cycles with natural climate solutions and hope to keep expanding the scope and impact of my work on climate change.
Research is pure teamwork!

I love working with people and sharing knowledge!

I take pride in dedicating time for mentoring to advance the educational and personal growth of another person.

I am passionate about working in diverse teams to tackle grand challenges.
I'm currently a team member in the Next Generation Ecosystem Experiments - Tropics project at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

I lead a project focused on synthesizing multi-source data to quantify cyclone responses of tropical forest functioning and biogeochemical cycling across the globe.

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