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About me

My background in science includes work to advance understanding and modeling of ecosystem and soil resilience to land-use change and management, climate change, and altered disturbance regimes.

I planned, managed, and implemented basic and applied science projects that combine experimental and observational data with advanced statistical analysis, machine learning, and synthesis tools.

I have linked my experience with carbon and nutrient cycles with natural-based solutions to expand the scope and impact of my work on climate change, now at WWF.
Research is pure teamwork!

I love working with people and sharing knowledge!

I take pride in dedicating time for mentoring to advance the educational and personal growth of another person.

I am passionate about working in diverse teams to tackle grand challenges.
I'm a former member of the Next Generation Ecosystem Experiments - Tropics project at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

I led a project focused on synthesizing multi-source data to quantify cyclone responses of tropical forest functioning and biogeochemical cycling across the globe.

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