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Sports and Outreach

My connection with nature goes beyond research.

I believe we can smartly conserve the natural world for the next generations with teamwork.

How can we work together in nature-based solutions projects? Let's connect!
Ad astra per aspera

. I have explored the world through adventure racing, a multi-discipline team sport that challenges the body, mind and soul. Read more here.

. Because of my vast adventure racing experience, I love working in gender-diverse teams and am passionate about solving grand challenges that require effective collaboration

. 16+ years competing in nonstop five-to-seven-day adventure races in 20+ countries have brought me and my team several international victories, priceless experiences, strategic planning, and teamwork skills.

. All this has shaped my results focus and problem-solving mindset, aptitude for collaboration, stakeholder management, and task management and organization.
This video shows the Adventure Racing World Championship Australia 2016.

This multidisciplinary team sport challenges our mind, body and soul! 

My team placed 3rd in this
World Championship!
Rede Mulher Florestal.jpg

Women's participation in forestry:

Gender equity and recognition of power

I serve as the President of the Board of Directors at the Forest Women's Network (Rede Mulher Florestal).

Empowering, recognizing the power of women globally is one way to decrease population growth and greenhouse gas emissions that drive climate change.


Rede Mulher Florestal promotes gender equity in the forestry sector by, among other ways, bringing forestry professionals and students together to generate and share knowledge and data regarding gender diversity and equity in Brazil's forestry sector.


The future of forestry is diverse and includes women.

A Beginner's Guide to Data Science: 

This is a talk I prepared with a team of data scientists to high-school students as a volunteer in Berkeley Lab's Apprenticeship Program.


Tree Talk Podcast

In this podcast series focused on forestry, I spoke about tropical forestry, climate change, natural climate solutions, gender equity and social justice


 Science communication

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